Systems & Application Development

Every business has its own requirement. And these requirements are dynamic and change according to the business environment. In order to stay ahead of the competition a customer will have to come up with solutions which incorporates business needs and also which is technologically updated. These are customized solutions, which are not readily available in the market.

Linkworld Technologies Ltd. addresses this need and offers its customers a robust, scalable, compatible, inter-operable and extensible solutions built to achieve its business aims more effectively.
It also provides solutions aimed at optimizing the cost, time and space and the operations gaps.
This makes customer remain focused on growth rather than looking at ways to make its decision support systems efficient, robust etc

Below are the systems we have developed over time and most of them are being used by  our customers.

  1. LINK BANKING System - Core Banking Application
  2. School Management Information System
  3. Hospital Management Information System
  4. Point Of Sale (for Super Markets, Groceries, Retail Shops)
  5. Human Resource Management System
  6. Hotel Management System
  7. Time  Attendance Management System
  8. Stores Management System
  9. Electronic Document Management System
  10. Vehicle Tracking System
  11. Help Desk Ticket System
  12. Asset Management System
  13. Membership Management System
  14. Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System